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An Advocate for Accident Victims
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An Advocate for Accident Victims

When you have been the victim of an accident caused by the negligence of another party, it can sometimes seem like the whole world is stacked against you. In situations like these, it is crucial for those injured in an accident or their families to contact a skilled and compassionate Encino personal injury lawyer to advocate for justice on their behalf. For many, Raymond R. Hassanlou is that advocate.

For years, Mr. Hassanlou has fought for his clients, in and out of court, to make sure that they get the compensation packages that reflect the severity of their injuries. While it is unfortunately common for a personal injury lawyer in Encino to only go for the cases that he or she thinks can be easily settled with little work on the part of the firm, Mr. Hassanlou firmly believes that every client should have a lawyer who is willing to fight for what is right.

Especially in Southern California, where driving is king, many of these injuries are caused by automobile accidents. Yet, the term ‘accident’ is often a misnomer, as a large majority of these injuries are caused by the direct negligence of one party. Mr. Hassanlou has a great deal of experience as a car accident lawyer San Fernando Valley residents have come to count on to win the tough cases. Often, the victims of these accidents surely deserve compensation, but they are simply unable to articulate why to the court. This is where Mr. Hassanlou comes in, and where a strong litigator can make all the difference.


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